10 Things You Need to Remember for Job Hunting

The following is some points to summarize a test that I took it online (I don’t even remember the URL, sorry). Although my job hunting skill test result is above the average but there are some points that I never knew before such as put text-only version of our resume in email body. Hopefully can help you who are no in the middle of job hunting. I wish you nothing but the best!

1. Searching the Internet is the NOT most effective way to look for a job. Internet will probably one important component of our search, but the most effective way to find a job is through networking

2. You can negotiate an entry-level salary. Even most employer will leave only narrow space in their salary offer to new employees, but you won’t find out unless you ask. If no any room in salary level, you can negotiate bonuses, vacation time, and work hours.

3. There’s no mandatory length limit for résumés. Use the space efficiently, but give enough specific information to attract hiring managers

4. Find any possible way to broaden our network. By doing this we have more opportunity to be landed in a good job.

5. Copy and paste a text-only version of your CV into the body of your e-mail. Many employers won’t open résumé attachments either out of laziness or fear of contracting a computer virus

6. If you are currently employed, don’t tell anyone before you have a new job lined up. The company may see you as disloyal and make your life difficult until you leave. The worst thins that your boss might think that this is the right time to replace you and leave you prematurely unemployed.

7. The average job hunting time is 4 months. So be patient and don’t get discouraged

8. Employers can receive hundreds of résumés for a single job. How can you get yours noticed? Many employers dump résumés into a database and search for key words to narrow the field. The magic words are often job titles, skills or areas of expertise related to the position

9. Avoid to ask the interviewer yes-or-no questions. It gives the impression that you don’t care about the company or the position.

10. Believe that you’ve got the skills to find success. No matter how stressful the job hunting process we are into, but you are deserve for a success.

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